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Workplace Culture

Posted on October 7, 2021 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (34)

At Next Gen Training & Consulting, we are passionate about improving the safety culture across all industries.

New legislation has been developed to enforce obligations on Principal Contractors & Employers or Persons Conducting Business or an Undertaking (PCBU's). In the quest to meet these obligations, an ever-increasing number of processes and procedures, standards and codes of practice have been developed. This has resulted in a mine field of documentation.

Operators and workers alike can become bogged down in this paper trail and struggle to meet all the requirements. As a result, you may experience delays, lost time & money, increasing incidents, disgruntled employees, a poor safety rating with your client, or in extreme cases - prosecution. This damages the overall culture at your workplace and affects the future prospects of your business.


We pride ourselves on rebuilding that culture. Our aim is to identify the stumbling blocks, such as, a lack of knowledge through poor training, a breakdown in communication, or a workplace that has resorted to enforcement to gain compliance, resulting in an escalating attrition rate. It may be that your systems have become so convoluted that they are difficult to manage, or you may not have the right systems set up, and are continually struggling to meet your obligations.


Our services can assist you in all these areas. Our trained, qualified personnel are flexible and work with you to structure your business and processes to suit. We tailor our training to individual requirements and deliver this to relevant personnel either at the office or out on location at their workplace.


We strive to simplifying the process, setting up the right tools and educating your workforce to use them, resulting in a positive culture where employees are contented, safe and proficient. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. Let's chat over a coffee and see what we can do for you - you'll be surprised.